Cannabis Handlers Course

DISCLAIMER: This course is intended for educational purposes only, for use in obtaining a Marijuana Handler’s Permit through Alaska Cannabis Industries, as required by the State of Alaska and is not intended as giving “legal advice”. Though these passages are created from recent regulations passed by the State of Alaska, they may not be used for citation or reference outside this instruction. These course materials may not be copied, reproduced, nor replicated for any purpose.

Course Instructor

Ronda Marcy Ronda Marcy Author

Marijuana Handlers Card


Medical Uses of Marijuana

The Regulation of Marijuana

Excise tax on Marijuana

Licensing; Fees (3 AAC 306.005) 

Local Options (3 AAC 306.200)

Retail Marijuana Stores (3 AAC 306.300) 

Marijuana Cultivation Facilities (3 AAC 306.400)

Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facilities (3 AAC 306.500)

Marijuana Testing Facilities (3 AAC 306.600)

Operating Requirements for All Marijuana Establishments (3 AAC 306.700)

Enforcement, Civil Penalties (3 AAC 306.800)

General Provisions (3 AAC 306.905)


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